Finding the most appropriate SEO services in a huge city like Vancouver can be overwhelming. You will find multiple SEO agencies and freelancers, each saying they are the best. So how do you find which of them is the BEST FIT for your business needs?

When searching for the SEO services, you need to consider several factors. A simple Google search won’t suffice here. You need to dig deeper into their previous clients, & reviews.

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We would recommend when searching for review, that you look beyond search engines. A lot of Vancouver SEO Experts depend on referrals for clients, which is why they don’t need a high ranking on Google. Let’s look at what else besides customer reviews you should be looking for before signing a contract with an SEO agency.

1. SEO will always take time

If someone promises you that they will get you the number one spot on search engines in a guaranteed period, then run away from that place as fast as you can. Consider this a big red flag in & avoid such self-proclaimed gurus at all costs.

Anyone who guarantees such a thing is most definitely lying to you, just so that you will do business with them. Such agencies would most probably use unethical means and shady tactics to make you happy. However, Google is very smart and has algorithms in place to detect all such activities.

Once you get on the wrong side of Google, there is no going back. Therefore, take your sweet time to the due homework and talk to different SEO agencies to get the lay of the land.

2. Ask the Right Questions

Before choosing a SEO agency, always ask them whatever questions you may have about SEO and how will it be done for you. No question is too basic.  It is the right of the client to get as much knowledge about what they are potentially getting. Encourage the potential agency to do the same. This allows you both to be on the same page in terms of expectations and requirements.

When you are setting up a meeting with a potential agency, learn about their services. Ask them about their strategies, experience, and what value can they bring to you. Their response will help you form a concrete opinion.  Ask them to give you a small idea of what they do in their first week, if you were to choose them.  Don’t ask them to make you a generic proposal.  Even a small email showing you what they can DO for your unique business would give you more insight into their skills and motivation then a 10-page generic proposal.

3. Best Value for Your Money

When you are searching for SEO agencies, you will come across a lot of them with varying retainer ranges. Now, it is the human instinct to go for the best bargain. However, the best price does not mean the best value.  SEO takes time, to get results, therefore time is money.  Going for the lowest rates may lead to a subpar service and time lost.

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Budgets are however never unlimited. And that is understandable.  Go for a mix of skills and retainer fee. Just do not be seduced by the lowest fee.  This is an investment of both time and money.

4. Quality Over Quantity

Number of client’s matters.  What does not matter, and should matter, is the number of articles written for a client, number of backlinks, etc etc.  Ask the agency, what end results they got for their clients. From there you can work back, what work, and ETAs go into getting these results. 

5. Scrutinize the Selection Process

Lastly, research about agencies like your life depends on it. There are multiple trolls in every niche, and you don’t want to fall prey to them.

Start with a simple Google search and dig deep into whatever resources you find. Use words such as fraud while searching. Check out their online representation on their social media platforms and their website. After that contact them and ask multiple questions about their services and clients.

Final Words

When it comes to outsourcing, your SEO marketing to an agency, you should conduct thorough research. If you need to, take out a day or two and research about SEO, and you will be better able to understand what you are looking for in an SEO agency. 

And if you are in Vancouver, try to choose a local agency.  The most under-rated advantage, and yet an important one that you gain is being in the same time zone.  Communication is challenging as it is, and different time-zones add a whole new dimension.


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